Get Rich of Class Action Lawsuits No Proof 2018 (Some Big Settlements)

Here are a few of the biggest class action lawsuits settled in 2018 that do not require proof of purchase to file.  You can also check out the link below for even more class action lawsuits that may pay you some big money!:

No Proof Required Class Action Lawsuit Settlements

Please file a claim ONLY if you qualify for settlement funds!  Settlement benefits can com ein the form of cash, free coupons, rebates, and other means of reimbursement.

Please note if you file a claim for a lawsuit listed below and are approved please allow up to two months for the settlement benefit to arrive via US Mail.

Without further ado!

Natural Beverage Class Action Lawsuit – You might qualify for this class action if you bough Hansen’s Natural Juices, Hansen’s Smoothie Nectars, Hubert’s Lemonade, or Hubert’s Half & Half Lemonade between the years 2010 and 2015.  If you think you might qualify please be sure to file a claim before the deadline which is 10/12/18.

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Feature Class Action Lawsuit – You might qualify for this lawsuit if you live in the United States and purchased an Enhanced Autopilot with a purchase or lease of a Tesla Hardware 2 Model S or Model X vehicle.  The vehicle must of been delivered on or before 9/30/2017.  It does not appear that there is a deadline to file a claim in this class action lawsuit.

California Medicredit Call Recording Class Action Lawsuit –  If you live in the state of California and were contacted by Medicredit by phone between the dates of June 29, 2014 and Feb. 26, 2015, you will want to file a claim in the class action lawsuit entited Raffin v. Medicredit, Inc., et al. Settlement.  Please file a claim today if you qualify as the deadline to file is 9/8/18!


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